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Genelach Chlann Lochlainn Inse Eoghain

Genealogy of the MacLochlainn Families of Inishowen

In the twelfth century Muircheartach MacLochlainn became the last person to die in possession of a sovereign kingship of Ireland. A genealogical text preserved in a seventeenth century manuscript shows a group of MacLochlainn families living on the Inishowen peninsula to be his descendants. Though retaining their regional importance as rulers of Aileach until the thirteenth century and as lords of Inishowen until the fourteenth century, the MacLochlainns of Inishowen are generally passed over in modern histories in favour of the families that came to supplant them in these positions. In these pages I seek to remedy this deficiency by drawing upon the narrative literature, annals, saints' lives and genealogies together with the ecclesiastical records, records of the English colony and continental European records to infill their historical narrative and so authenticate their genealogy.

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